LocationEast Africa
Border CountriesDemocratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania
Area236,040 Sq. Km
Land : WaterLand- 84.6 % : Water- 15.4 %
Coastline0 Km (landlocked)
Natural ResourcesCopper, Cobalt, Hydropower, Limestone, Salt, Arable Land
TerrainMostly plateau with rim of mou


Population41,237,107 (March 2017)
Population Growth3.37 % (March 2017)
Urban / Rural SplitRural Population – 83.9% (2015)
ReligionsRoman Catholic- 33 %Protestant- 33 %Muslim- 16 %Indigenous Beliefs- 18%
LanguagesEnglish (Official Language)LugandaSwahili
Sex Ratio99.91 Males : 100 Females (2017)
Literacy Rate (Adults)73.8% (2017)
Literacy Rate (Youth)87.55 (2017)
Life expectancy at birth58.7% (2017)
Infant Mortality Rate45 deaths / 1,000 live births (2017 est.)
Fertility Rate5.52 children / woman (2017 est.)


Government TypeRepublic
Independence9 October 1962 (from Great Britain)
Ruling PartyNational Resistance Movement (NRM)
Head of GovernmentPresident Lt. Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni
Suffrage18 years of age; universal
Legal SystemBased on English common law and customary law


GDP (Purchasing Power Parity)$27.6 Billion (2017)
GDP real growth rate1.7% (2017)
GDP (Per Capita)$669.3
GDP Composition by SectorAgriculture- UGX 2902.24 Billion, Construction- UGX 991 Billion, Manufacturing- UGX 1067.64 Billion, Mining- UGX 187.45 Billion, Public Administration- 505.52 Services- UGX 7324.06 Billion (2017)
Urban Labour Force1,443,000 (2016)
Total Labour Force15 million (2015 est)
Population below Poverty Line19.7% (2013)
Inflation Rate6.8% (2017)
Agricultural ProductsCoffee, Tea, Cotton, Tobacco, Cassava, Potatoes, Corn, Cut Flowers, Pulses, Millet, Beef, Poultry, Goat Meat, Milk
IndustriesSugar, Brewing, Tobacco, Cotton, Textiles, Cement, Steel Production
Current Account Balance$ -358 million (2016)
Exports$ 2.31 Billion (2016)
Imports$ 5.52 Billion (2016)
Import PartnersIndia ($1.09B), China ($863M), Kenya ($534M), the United Arab Emirates ($383M) and Japan ($322M)
Currency (code)Ugandan Shilling (UGX)
Reserves of Foreign Exchange and Gold$3.22 billion (2017)
Exchange Rate with US $3,609 UGX = $ 1 (Nov. 2017)


Points of InterestMurchison Falls, National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Rwenzori Mountain, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (Gorillas), Source of the Nile, Lake Victoria
Tourist arrivals into Uganda1.3 Million (2005)
Tourism Expenditure$ 321 million (2004)